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My employer has recently set up C2W again this year. I own several Italian race bikes which are too good to commute 2 miles each way. Looking through the options I fancy a cyclocross.
Options are
Cube Cross Race 2020 or GT Genisis cad 20 2020.
The cube is £42 for 12 months and GT £32
QUESTION is which one.
Thoughts/opinions greatly accepted.


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Go ride them and see which you prefer

be helpful if you could post links to specs so people can see which


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Agree - I've done longer walks after my train commute into Victoria/Blackfriars and then the walk to the office.
Indeed. Weightbearing exercise is also important for health of bones, muscle, connective tissue


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I'd say buy a second hand bike from eBay or Gumtree for about £100 for that sort of commute, there are some great bargains to be had particularly now coming up to Christmas as people liquidate their assets to pay for it.


If you really want a bike for commuting, you need to think about ...
- weather protection - full mudguards
- good luggage carrying facilities to carry books, laptops, clothing, tools or whatever you need for work.
- good lighting - possibly a dynamo, so you never get caught with flat batteries.
- flat pedals, so you can commute in ordinary shoes/clothing (especially if only 2 miles)
- Could consider solid tyres - you don't want to be leaving the house to find a tyres has gone flat overnight.

Of the bikes you suggest, the cyclo-cross one might be an option. You could train for cyclo-cross by running to work and carrying the bike over your shoulder.

I jest a little, but good luck with choosing.


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I'd go with the cross bike, mainly because they are a boatload of fun off-road as well as being a sensible commuting machine. My CX bike is my winter steed and is getting a lot of love at the minute, on my daily 25 mile commute. If you don't carry more than will fit a backpack, no need for panniers. Wear whatever shoes you like, and remember to charge your lights.
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