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well hasnt it been a blooming wet 3 months ive not posted much as ive been busy in the garage ....
ill have the final photos later this week as they sent me the wrong front axel my New Sonder Frontier Build Photos soon ^_^

well just for fun im going to build a CHEAP CHEAP Gravel bike so im after a Frame that will take 700c disc brakes
any recommendations for Frame ?
It will have to be cheap im dont even too bothered about spec long as it has gears brakes lol and oooh a seat lol
maybe a retro frame but maybe ill have problems with the disc brake set up !!! or a hybrid frame that could be cheap
roll on the better weather ....

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I think a hybrid would work nicely, and many have disc brakes now. Watch the top tube length, as I think many of them have design for being upright bicycles, but some of that can be remedied by stem and bar choice.
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