new but Aesthetic damage white goods websites


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We've used Capital Appliances who, I think, are Wolverhampton based. Always been good service from them


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Whirlpool / Hotpoint Factory Outlet ?
We live in Pboro and have the Hotpoint outlet a mile away, our first choice every time.
Last purchase was an induction oven, reduced from circa £799 down to £250. That was a black Friday special but you can expect 1/3 savings usually.
Always had very good service at the Pboro depot, I gather theres one in Gateshead if that's near ?


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Where, roughly, are you? There's one in Corby and one on Brackmills industry, Northampton that I know of.
Not sure about online, but probably worth a visit if nearby.

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52 Festive Road
Miele outlet

Not keen on ao, who appeared to have rolled a coffee machine to us when we ordered it a few weeks ago. Oh, and the time before when I got only weasel words regarding a product failure. Kudos to Beko who stood behind their product and fixed it without question.
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