New calling card for close calls. Too far?


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I'm not really the confrontational type, and most of the time a motorists scares the bejebus out of me I focus on the 99.9999% of people on the road who aren't trying to end my life, and then enjoy the rest of my ride.

But on the very rare occasion that I feel the need to perhaps express the seriousness of a slice of dangerous driving that I am exposed to maybe I should catch up with, and leave one of these little cards I have designed with the driver.


I'm only half joking.


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Not worth it, to give it to the driver you are engaging with them, and from personal experience they will not see your point of view at all.

For your own peace of mind you are better off just forgetting about it and laughing to yourself as you pass them in the next traffic jam. If it's an issue that you want to deal with, get a camera and report the dangerous passes to the police.


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Rubbish idea - for reason's Gaz said above. Sorry.

And you are certainly not the first to think of this.
Sonofthewind or Trafficdroid or what ever he calls himself these days uses cards to very little effect. Check out You Tube.


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You need some of those chariot wheels from Ben Hur used by the "bad" guy.


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I know how you feel but if I felt like that too often, (i.e often enough to think about printing and carrying little cards to hand out), I'd be back in the car and tucking my daughter up with Froggy every night.
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