New Cateye lights

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cannondale boy

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Doesn't look impressive. I mean that it only lets out 2x1 watt led, which is poor if your in pitch darkness. Battery life is o.k, but i would opt for a "light and motion - vega". I know its a little more expensive, but you only pay for what you get, and your not getting enough from this light!


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Oh they're not that bad. I've had two of those mounts on my fixed wheel for over a year now, with two EL530 lights, and they've worked great. Excellent at intimidating cars at night, at least compared with having a flashing light.
It's a crap mount. I've gone right off Cateye since they started making their decent mounts only available as an after-market purchase. If you order Cateye kit from the US, you still get proper mounts. Gouging bastards.


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For £99 (from Planet-X / On-One) you could get a new version Dinotte 200L-AA light,


200 lumens equivalent to 18-20w halogen, small, neat, easy and secure fitting. Beats the Cateye in every respect. On half power it will last 4 hours and be several times brighter.

I have the old model, it is fantastic - this should be even better.
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