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Cranktip Pedals Only $499
"Cranktip identified that a significant amount of leg fatigue experienced when riding, is actually generated by the changing pressures or feedback from the crank during rotation, this being due to the inherent nature of how a crank converts human energy into rotating energy.

In practice, whilst the rider generally applies downward forces to the crank pedal, the rider’s foot is constantly being redirected by the circular motion of the crank. This circular motion causes the rider’s leg to experience different or uneven forces during rotation. This is particularly noticeable as the crank arm travels down through the 4 o’clock position. The angle of the crank arm relative to the rider at this position causes it to be less efficient at producing rotating energy and as a result offers significant feedback or uneven resistance that the leg of the rider constantly absorbs. This feedback to the rider’s leg is something that riders have been unaware of in the past and until now, the feel of a crank has simply been what it is. When riding with Cranktip pedals however, the absence of this crank feedback is very noticeable and as a result the rider instantly notices an unmistakably smoother pedaling action not experienced before. We believe that when considering on average, a rider experiences 3500 individual leg actions per hour, it makes sense that the smoother action will greatly benefit the legs of riders particularly over long distances. Whilst the Cranktip pedals smoother action reduces leg fatigue the other major benefit is that the dual swing arm mechanism causes greater leverage or torque during the down stroke. The leverage difference being a whopping 25mm gain at the 4 o’clock position. It achieves this without altering the pedal track circumference or foot speed, this being distinctly different to a longer crank arm for greater torque, that increases circumference and foot speed."
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