New Commercial Indoor Trainer / Exercise Bike - Advice Please

Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by Newman8, 21 Feb 2018.

  1. Newman8

    Newman8 Well-Known Member


    We have a small community cooperative gym serving our village. We may be looking at a new exercise bike. It would be a stationary all-in-one machine, not one where a bicycle needs attaching like a home-turbo.
    It will not get as intensively used as say a machine at a city gym, or spinning class, etc., but will get more use than your average domestic machine, so really needs to come with a commercial guarantee.

    Anyone got any reccomendations please.
    Quick internet search returned these, but really this type of equipment is almost all new to me:

  2. Charlotte Alice Button

    Charlotte Alice Button Unicorn Tamer

    Ashford, Kent
    I LOVE Spin, I am a budding spin instructor in my fantasy world! I have been to many spin studios and I LOVE it! Have you thought about looking into the Les Mills Virtual spin as well? If you have a projector at your gym or super large TV?

    The first bike looks really good! The spec seems great as well. It might also be an idea to ask around any other gyms as some may be upgrading their bikes and would maybe look at selling theirs to you?

    I know the leisure centre I work at has just bought new spin bikes, but we sent the others to our sister site.
  3. OP

    Newman8 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input Charlotte - it's a very small gym in a back room at the village hall - somehow with bike, rower, treadmill, cross trainer, a couple of multi-gyms and a whole bunch of weights crammed in there and no significant wall space for a tv. Could maybe use a tablet for virtual spin though? Had quick look at Les Mills website - will look in more detail later and will certainly get in contact with other gyms.
  4. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    I think there are companies that sell used refurbished gym equipment. Worth a Google
  5. Charlotte Alice Button

    Charlotte Alice Button Unicorn Tamer

    Ashford, Kent
    Exactly @vickster !

    Yes space is always necessary for gyms! It might be worth replacing your stationary bikes for spin bikes - in my opinion, you get a better workout and you don't always need to follow a spin programme on them etc.

    You can also look into hire or lease? You would pay an initial deposit and then pay monthly instalments.
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