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Hello all,

Been searching for a friendly cycling forum for the past part of a week as I have recently bought a Sararen 2000 Mountain Bike at auction. Wanted a cheap starter bike to see how I went and so far, so good, really enjoying my time on the bike and the feeling of freedom while riding.

This seems like the ideal place to become a member of with the look of the forum and viewing the advise given I was eager to get involved.

Do we have any Ayrshireman or Women on the forum?


:welcome: to the site, there is a few Ecosse riders on the forum so should be a couple around yourself :thumbsup:


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Thanks a lot for the welcome and compliments :becool:

Did a cycle through Ardrossan, Stevenson and Saltcoats last night which was enjoyable, tackled my first uphills since I started cycling again. Kept the gears as high as I could and sped up to the hill as it was approaching which helped a lot.

Put myself in for a cycle around Arran at the start of next month so going to get the miles in as well as I can with as many uphills as possible, I hear Arran is pretty hilly.
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