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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Broski, 9 Dec 2017.

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    I've just moved to the UK for studying purposes and have opted cycling as my main method transportation. I'm from Vietnam where we drive on the other side of the road and where cycling laws/rules/etiquette is non-existent.

    So, are there any rules that I must follow as a cyclist and general things I should be doing? eg. equipments or general knowledge.

    I've tried riding once yesterday when a passenger opened their door on me almost causing me to flip. Also rode on the wrong side at least once.. so i cycled the way home on the pavement instead (i know this is illegal but eh)

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Be careful until you are used to cycling here
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  3. It's illegal for them to open a door without looking, but as yo have already found, they do it all the time.

    Start with the highway code. I suggest picking up paperback copy, but if you prefer you can read it online here. It's basically the laws of the road in human readable form. Note: Laws are indicated by "must", advice by "should" or just the absence of must, eg

    At night your cycle MUST have white front and red rear lights lit. - that's the law.

    You should keep both hands on the handlebars except when signalling or changing gear - good advice, but it's not an offence to not do it.
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    Atop a Ti
    Hi. Have a read of THIS thread. Very useful information.
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    All the time? Once or twice in 45 years maybe. Odd how us cyclist can have such opposing experiences.
  6. I've had two doors open "on" me this week. As I was well out of the door zone, it's certainly possible the looked, saw me and decided they were safe, but I wouldn't have opened my door until the cyclist had passed.

    (sure, not "all the time" but I think it's good advice to the novice user to assume it's all the time, much safer)
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    Haha yeah, I've only ridden in the UK once yesterday and already had a door opened barely 2 meters away. It probably depends on the location.

    Also, Is it illegal to ride on A roads like A329?

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  8. No, not illegal. Only motorways (Mx or AxM) Some A roads are quite safe, others less so. Go with your instincts for now.

    And ask route advice. Likely someone here can suggest a good road choice.
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  9. It may be illegal to open a car door but that doesn't stop it anticipation of folks muppetry is needed and it's not a real problem.

    Its only illegal to cycle on an A road when it has (M) classification or a specific by law like the A90 in Scotland. Most are perfectly legal to cycle on, whether its recommended or not is up to you. Some A roads are great and some are akin to motorways and very unpleasant.
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  10. LeetleGreyCells

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    Hello and :welcome:

    Like the A57 between Worksop and Mansfield Road at Aston. Frightening doesn’t cover it. Especially when the artics are flying by you only 6” away from the end of your handlebars. :eek:
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    Hello and welcome to the U.K. and this forum. Regarding etiquette here it is usual to raise your middle finger and hold it up to indicate your appreciation when someone opens a car door on you or passes too close.
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    Hello and welcome to country. Remember we drive on the left. Some tips are:
    Always start by reading the hIghway code. Our uk veichle code.
    • Don't cycle in the gutter
    • When there's too many hazards or parked cars or roads narrow take up the lane so you don't get hit by the door zone
    • cycling on pavement isn't illegal if there's a shared use path or cycle lane.
    • Be aware, alert, assertive and visble
    • Don't undertake veichles especially buses and HGV's as if there turning they could left/right hook you. Actually noticed a Van that had a sign saying Blind spots cyclists be aware of passing this veichle on the inside.
    Also lights and reflectors are a requirement if you are to be cycling at dawn/dusk/dark. if you don't like having bike lights on the day switch them on when cars change there headlights and also it helps to have them on when it's poor weather e.g rain
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    Or ring your bell if you have one.
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  14. Two points
    1. Wow, you are doing well! You already understand that "pavement" is the uk colloquial word for <footwway/footpath/sidewalk>. It took me 10 years to grok that.
    2. Be very careful on the pavement.
      1. Cars backing out of driveways often forget to look. They should, but it's you who suffers if they don't. Also applies to cars driving forwards out of driveways.
      2. When you come to a junction, you have to give way to cars turning from the main carriageway. But - I haven't got used to it yet - they do not have to indicate (it's a "should" not "must" in the HC). So if you are cycling on the pavement, you have wait at intersections until all cars have passed or just trust none of them are turning without indicating.
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    Hello there .. :bicycle:
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