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Hi all. Most of the new folk from C+ will know me, but for those who were already here I'm John. I'm a lorry driver who used to ride audax and tours and commute 200 miles a week, but now I do hardly any cycling. (I even sold one of my bikes the other week!) I like to keep in touch though. Anyway, nice to meet you all.


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Salford, UK
Hi RT!

For the benefit of non-Cplus-ers...

I'm Arch. I'm a PhD Archaeology student. I'm a utility and leisure cyclist, more interested in the practical, the wierd and the wonderful than in racing or anything like that.

The elephants are all my fault. And sooner or later someone who doesn't know me will say "Oh! You're a ****!" in a surprised way, but I'm not telling you what it is they'll suddenly have realised... :blush:


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Greetings earthlings. My name is Fnaar. I mostly ride on the road, but occasionally mtb round the back lanes and bridleways of life itself. I specialise in innuendo, but I'll behave myself, as a newbie here. Coincidentally, I'm not going to be about much till September, so my post-rate won't be very high! Nice cafe you have here....



I'm another fall-out from C+ (when I get the time to post). For my sins I'm a Chartered Accountant married with two children working in the City for a firm of lawyers (well somebody has to). In my spare time my interests are crashing my Brompton and re-building my other bikes to an exacting amateur standard.
Well, helloooo....

Architectural Visualization is my game (sometimes -- check out the site) along with writing articles and doing illustrations for computer mags.

Have just moved to Cologne, where the weather is just as bad as it is there. Am missing my lovely Newport Velodrome, and am desperately trying to haul my arse to the not-quite-so-lovely velodrome here, but am currently being seduced by the the wide availability of cheap booze and fags...


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i be alecstilleyedye, say it out loud and guess my favourite footy team :blush:

i work in advertising in a web/tv/graphics sort of position and am pleased to see so many C+ers on here.

my bikes are a specced up carerra virtuoso, a reynolds 531 racer and a hardtail mtb (for taking the kids out).:thumbsup:

i commute every single day by bike and sometimes get a weekend pass to go out with my local club.

oh and i love a double entendre almost as much as mr fnaar :rolleyes:
Hi, I'm a long time lurker and occasional poster from C+.

I used to be more MTB than road, but now am more couch and beer than either.

I work in the computer industry and am old and fat.


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I'm Cab. Live and work in Cambridge. Ain't going to use any site where they take my username and add 'cp' to the end of it.

Cycle to commute and basically to get around.


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London UK
Hi, Dave here
Been posting on C+ for only a couple of months, was just starting to feel at home there :rolleyes:
I do a 3-mile each-way commute every day on a 2001 Diamondback MTB with slicks, but I'm hoping to upgrade to a Spesh Sirrus of some type soon :thumbsup:
Contrary to what my username suggests, I don't have an electric bike!
The name refers to my ability to get a static shock from just about anything! :blush:
Anyway nice to see some familiar names here, it's much nicer then *the other place*. Hopefully the exodus will provide this place with the shot in the arm it looked like it needed!
I was quite new to C+, so perhaps didn't have time to get as emotionally attached to that forum as the rest of you.
I'm in IT and currently have very little work to do hence I will probably be posting a lot for the next few weeks.

Currently not riding either as my MTB & old roadie are in bits. My new one is currently awaiting some wheels (Fulcrums).


Hello everybody,

I'm another ex-cplusser. I live in Edinburgh, cycle to work (commuting seems like an exaggeration for two-and-a-bit miles) and do a bit of leisure cycling at the weekends... mostly to clear my head... nothing too sporty thank you very much.

I'm also thinking of doing the pedal for scotland event this year, so I will be on the scrounge for encouragement and inspiration.

Nice to meet you all!


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Hi all. I'm another ex c-plusser. Working in Nottingham, although soon to be out of work as my contract runs out in 21 days. At which time, I'm going to get Mrs M's business up and running, with a view to employing a couple of people in the next 6-12 months, and then will hopefully continue with an interim career, and will get a prince2 and hopefully MBA along the way.

Random intro but hey. I'm a daily commuter (since I sold the car - mainly tbh because I currently work 3 miles from where I live, and the car would have cost best part of £400 per month - my last job picked up that particular tab.... this one doesn't!!) and I have a hybrid, with which I take my little girl to nursery 2 days a week on a seat, which is great!!

(I was going to say it was cool - but in retrospect it's not remotely cool!)

Enough waffling from me already.... time to look around!!! :blush:


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Tete here, living north o the border. Primarily a commuter on a roadie but weekend rides as and when my two bairns and Mrs T permit. I like to keep my eye on what's happening on the pro circuit too.

I don't have any strong feelings on anything really outside of my nearest and dearest, other than on narrow-minded tossers who should all be rounded up and locked with each other for all eternity. Or is that narrow-minded? :blush:


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Plough Lane
Slim here

Just commuting 10 miles (almost) every day. Wife and kids keep me too busy to do much else.

Apart from that, it's beer and backgammon a couple of lunchtimes a week to stop me going insane.
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