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Keller, TX
Hello all! I'm a new member from Texas. I bought my current bike brand new in 2000. I rode it for a bit, but then kids kind of slowed that down. I'm a programmer by trade, and sitting behind a desk all day long since college has taken it's toll on my physical condition. I started getting back into riding to get back into shape and to enjoy something again that I used to like when I was in shape. I'm back on track and 35lbs down, so progress is slow but steady. I have about another 35 pounds to lose before I'm satisified.

All that said, I know my current bike is pretty much junk, but it gets me out there, and funds are a bit tight for a new, better model at the moment so I'll just make do. Looking forward to making friends on here and getting some good tips / advice. I'm really wanting more of a hybrid bike than a pure road or MTB for my next one, so I might make a few changes to my current one to get it more inline with what I want until I can afford to replace it.


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Hi codejockey - welcome to the forum. Plenty of knowledgeable bike folk on here to help you out with good advice.

I love Texas, been a few times. Great place!


Howdi par'ner.

Welcome to the forum. Never been to Texas, but heard great things.

You've got better cycling weather than us so get out there and ride 'em cowboy.

Sorry for the stereotypes, couldn't help myself.


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(In John Wayne style)

Get off your horse and ride that bike outa town .


From the wild and windy West .

West Yorkshire that is .The meanest baddest county in England .

Johnny Fox

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Keller, TX... where abouts is that?
My folks live in Kaufman County (about 80 miles ESE of Dallas, near to Cedar Lakes.
I visit them every year (they really live out in the middle of nowhere) and will be buying a bike this time out so as to keep up the fitness levels..
Only got to say, Go Cowboy's Go!


Johnny – Any update on the Kona Sutra.

How you finding it? Anything you dislike. Would you change anything?

How’s the saddle?

My C2W supplier can’t get my size til June.
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