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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by GlenBen, 25 Feb 2018.

  1. GlenBen

    GlenBen Über Member


    Im starting a new job in 2 weeks and im going from a nice back road 13 mile each way commute, to a straight through town 5 or 6 mile commute. Currently commute on a specialized allez and leave it locked in the office at work where its safe.

    However, I went to have a look at the new place today and cant see anywhere to lock to except a huge railing near the car park that I dont think a D lock will fit around. There were a few bikes there chained up. Keeping it inside was a definite no apparently.

    I guess my question is do I need to just get a hefty chain? I could always leave it at work if its too much to carry, i usually carry a fahgettaboutit d lock around. I was also looking at some noose chains, anyone used these before? Never really had to lock my bike anywhere out of sight for any long period before.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

    What's a "definite no apparently"? Ask whoever's the building manager first.

    Building a workplace with no cycle parking is no longer permitted in some counties, so it might be in their interests to provide a cycle park before they need planning permission for anything. Also, there's tons of benefits to having an exercised workforce.

    It often astonishes me the shoot that cyclists are expected to put up with in the more backwards parts of the country. If they have a car park, they've space for a cycle park.
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  3. OP

    GlenBen Über Member

    I asked when I went if I could take it inside or if there was anywhere secure. Just got told no. There is 'cycle parking', its just a massive railing with corrugated iron over the top. Ill admit I was expecting better, its a job where a good level of fitness is expected, with annual tests. Offering decent facilities would seem a good start towards encouraging people to cycle/run/walk.
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  4. Slick

    Slick Veteran

    I would agree, maybe you will be able tobshiw them the error of their ways.:okay:
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  5. SkipdiverJohn

    SkipdiverJohn Über Member

    Your employer employs YOU to do whatever job they pay you to do. They don't employ your bike!
    It's not their problem how you choose to travel to work, whether you ride or drive. Be grateful they will allow you to bring your bike/car/whatever on to their premises during work time. They could easily just tell you to leave it outside on the street instead. If the parking facilities are "basic" then ride a low-value bike to work that can be safely locked using a less secure method. The "I've got a really nice/expensive bike, therefore I expect to be provided with fancy secure parking at work" attitude astonishes me.
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  6. Slick

    Slick Veteran

    I think you may find the world has now moved on a bit, thankfully.
  7. Make yourself a decent rat bike.
  8. ozboz

    ozboz Über Member

    Richmond ,Surrey
    as there is no obligation for employers to provide cycle related facilities so there is not a lot we can do , whilst some companies offer the lot , internal lock up areas , showers etc , some cannot , others do not give a toss , seems counter productive that offering CTW to employees and then shoulder shrugging at anything else that goes with it ,
    Yet , the amount of places I go and see sheds or similar for employees who smoke makes you wonder ,
    a s/h commuter , as said may be the answer , Try Shpock , I see lots of them on there ,
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  9. mjr

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    Is it "why do you work for a co-op?" Alex?

    I guess I thought that businesses would want the best workers in the best condition and the work environment, including facilities like cycle parking, are part of that competition to attract workers. If there's naff-all secure parking, then logically they should have to pay more to overcome the costs of secure parking elsewhere (in places where it's available like London or Cambridge) or more frequent repair or replacement of their vehicles.
  10. straas

    straas Über Member

    I've turned down positions based on their cycling provision.
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  11. OP

    GlenBen Über Member

    I was just pleased to be offered a job :hyper:
  12. cyberknight

    cyberknight Bullied off cc

    Our place has on site security who patrol and watch cameras , they have been known to let thieves drive peoples cars off site and do nowt .
    WE do have sheltered , locked bike store but i dont trust them so i leave a motor bike chain+ lock and a d lock in their to secure the bike .Next to other bikes that are either unlocked or with a cable lock you can chew through i am happy enough i cant do much more.It has been known that after C2W a number of bikes went missing.
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  13. OP

    GlenBen Über Member

    What chain do you use? I think thats going to be my best option.

    Sound about as useful as the security guards in a shop i used to work in. They just watched people walk out with things and pretend they never saw.
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  14. smutchin

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    The Red Enclave
    In my last-but-one job, it was the security guards who were doing the walking out with stuff.

    Does the budget stretch to a cheap folding bike that you could store under your desk? Might not be as much fun to ride as your Allez but should be fine for a 5-6 mile urban commute, and not an awful lot more expensive than a decent Gold standard lock.
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  15. cyberknight

    cyberknight Bullied off cc

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