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Hi and thanks for having me on board.

I found this forum whilst researching a bike that’s half way through a restoration, a lovely little 1985 Columbia of Worksop. Now repainted and lug lined and new decals including the Ishiwata 0245 frame sticker I had to get recreated. I am interested in any information anyone has on these bikes, it is believed Derek Hall would have been the builder of this and I’m hoping to catch him at the Carlton Flyer weekend in Worksop on the 4th May and Dave Marsh at UCC confirms the age as being an 85 model. Sadly it’s too small for me, nice to have in my collection and will no doubt get ridden by family at some point but not myself which is a shame as it is a super looking bike.......any comments welcome


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Welcome :smile:. Yep, my first port of call would have been Universal Cycles. Neat looking frame :smile:
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