New mesh seat


A good day today, the new shape of seat rail has worked out really well ( in my opinion) I have made the cross members in two parts that allow me to build different widths to suit my partners and my different beam widths :ohmy:
It also means I can get the bends lined up
had to lay a rail on the trike just to see if it looked right:okay: comments welcome negative or positive



Professional layabout
....looking good John, shape looks spot on to me. Did mine with pre bent stainless curved sections welded to straight sections, but managed to do some of the shallower bends myself. Also, mine is integrated with the frame, ie welded diredtly to it. Yours won't be, for obvious reasons, so it'll be interesting to see how you do this.
Anyways, pour yourself a gin at this stage - well deserved :crazy:
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