New one on me....

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;)...I was cycling this morning and had cause to go up a small but irratating hill on the way into Stock village. A few months ago I would have walked up it but now I am riding up it with a full 4 pannier load with no problems...although I am usually knackered at the top and take a breather near the church.

It's a hill where I see lot's of cyclist's dismounting and walking up the hill, it's not abnormal to see people do that on this hill.....BUT...

Today i saw a cyclist walking DOWN the hill!!...a quick glance confirmed that no flat tyres were to blame and a the customary nod and hello signalled all was well.....

...walking DOWN a hill....hmmm...that's a new one on me....maybe I should try it one day...looks like I'm missing something:wacko::ohmy::ohmy:.


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Could have been some other mechanical fault? Or some sort of cramp, or a bad twinge in the saddle area requiring a spell off the bike?

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I like walking up!!!!!!!!!!!!
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