New quick release skewers for winter bike?


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Evening all,

After a particularly busy and mucky winter, I'll hopefully be putting the winter bike away imminently for some well earned rest. However, I've noticed that both the quick release skewers are pretty rusty and effectively knackered. So I intend to replace them.

I've got a Merida RaceLite900 with Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels. Shopping around for replacement skewers, I notice that a few brands seem to come in a couple of sizes (130mm and 135mm) - which ones will I need? Sorry if thats a really basic question!

Also, any that you'd particularly recommend? Bearing in mind that I'm after durability rather than any kind of "marginal gain" lightweight performance ones.



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You want Shimano skewers with the enclosed cam. Best grip, best resistance to road crud. A.nice.set or 105 or Ultegra jobs shouldn't be too expensive, but very long lasting.


Whatever you get, make them last longer... I never replaced a skewer.

My guess is 95% of cyclists here don't keep a bike long enough to need a change of skewers. I know I don't.
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