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  1. WastedJoker

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    It's been years since I rode a bike but I really need to improve my fitness and decided the best way would be to commute to work.

    I'm taking advantage of the cycle2work scheme through my employer which obviously limits me to purchasing from Halfords.

    Looking through their available bikes, I've settled on a Boardman Performance Hybrid Comp 11/12. It seems to offer the best "bang for buck" of the available bikes at Halfords. Plus it looks gorgeous :smile:

    I've got a few questions

    1. Comments on this forum plus the Halfords website suggest there's an issue with the "set up" of the bike. Can anyone clarify what that means precisely?

    2. If I do need to get it "set up" correctly post-purchase, is this something I need to get done at a proper shop or do I just do it myself?
  2. Nearly there

    Nearly there Über Member

    Im no expert but im sure you can source any bike through halfords for the C2WS Even though the Boardmans are very good bikes,plus some people have good experience with Halfords and how their bike was set up.
  3. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    I think Halfords stores are very hit and miss in terms of the skill and enthusiasm of their mechanics. Being new to biking, unless you are comfortable doing mechanical stuff and using YouTube guides etc, get it check over by a local bike shop - people here will be able to recommend one depending on where you live.
    Halfords can source all sorts of bike and also, again depending on location, there are other shops that take the H alfords vouchers
    , but if you're happy with the Boardman, cool, go for it, they are very good bikes by all accounts :bicycle:
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