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Gerry Attrick said:
At the risk of repeating a thousand earlier threads, I am looking to buy a new high end saddle. I know these things are personal, but can someone point me in the direction of a day-long comfortable article with low weight?

Brooks with Titanium Rails. In fact, sod the weight, just get a B17 Normal and enjoy.


Spec Toupe.

The problem with the Brooks is you will have to forego shaving. I had the Alias, I found that after about 6-9 months, the stitching on the top started to fray. It looked shabby and roughed up the surface of my bibs. The Toupe is simply the best saddle I have used.


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Thinking about this one myself. Spesh toupe - would that be the gel one or the non gel one?


No gel for me. If you have shorts you won't need it, but I ride my bike to work in jeans and it's OK even then.
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