New SLX 4 piston brakes

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What a day this has been as some here know I am changing my brakes from cable brakes to hydraulic brakes.This is the first time to install hydraulics on any of my bicycles.First off is I had poor braking on the front and I did not know why but I found out that the adapter I was using was the wrong one I had a 20mm is and it should have been a 0mm is.That's why on a very little rotor was being use on the front rotor with poor braking. Now the back I did use the 20mm is and it is fine with a 160mm rotor. I also now have a Front Derailleur SLX triple and a SLX rear Derailleur 9 speed they don't make this rear one or the front one any longer.But they make it in a 10 speed and up.A lot of people don't like SLX for some reason but I like them they work good with my down tube friction shifters. And I got my Brooks B17 Saddle in too.For some reason in the USA the front brake is on the left and the rear is on the right I don't like this so I will have to wait on my other SLX brake so I can set it up the way I want it.Front on the right and rear on the left.I did find out if I was to use the 20mm is on the front I could use a 180mm rotor.But I am going to stay with my 160mm rotors for now.I will post pictures when I get it all set up but who knows how long this will take with the covid19
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Bikes in the USA will have the front brake operated by the left hand lever. This will be the case in all countries that drive on the right. Consequently, bikes supplied for countries that drive on the left such as, UK and Australia, front wheel braking is done with the right hand.


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I beg to differ, always front brake left for me.


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Presumably with a right hand front brake? This is the standard for everywhere regardless of which side of the road you ride. The same goes for the sidestand - it is on the left always, which is the RHD way which in turn derives from mounting horses (almost always from the left) which derives from sword placement.

I always wondered why bicycles have undergone an apparently forced change in some markets? I am happy that the front brake on my bicycles is the same side as on my motorbike. I did have to swap one bicycle over when it was delivered in German specification. Luckily the SRAM hydraulic levers are ambidextrous so it was a 2 minute job.
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