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Firstly hi folks ;)

Hoping to get a bit of advice on this, I've just re-started cyling to work and also planning tohave a few weekend cycles. The cycle to work is only 4 miles but I try to do longer cycles at the weekend and hoping to do some trips with friends from work like last year.

The problem is on longer cycles approx 20-30miles my right knee gets sore, no other problems. I am confused as to why it would specifically be my right knee and would like to know what I can do about it.

Last year I did a few trips across scotland and again the right knee hurt. It is just to the inside of my knee cap.

Only possible explaination is that I have previously had an right ankle injury and I wonder if I'm compensating for it subconsciously, if this is the case to try and sort this.

I cycle a road bike (saracen toumalet 2) with cleets and the seat up high but not high enough that I lock out my knee.

If this is a common complaint/thread then apologies, maybe this is common place and just needs to settle down - but don't want to continue if it will get worse.

Any pointers or advice appreciated, I'd like to get into more competitive cycling but not at the expense of injury due to this.


Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
The first suspect for me would be the adjustment of the cleats/pedals. The recommended procedure for alignimg cleats is to sit on a table with your hip and knee joints at right angles, and allow your legs and feet to dangle free. The angle you see between your feet is the angle you should set your cleats/pedeal interface. In other words, if you see toe in, then set your cleats to allow a similar toe in angle. etc.

The other possible cause is a lateral imbalance of your feet on the pedals. That is where the left side of a foot or feet needs to be higher or lower than the right side of a foot or feet. This can be corrected by inserts in the shoes or wedges between the cleats and pedals. This is unusual but a possibility because of your previous ankle injury.

Try the first option, but if that does not work then you may need to consult a sports physiotherapist.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.
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