New Wheels for a Giant Terrago

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Hairy Boy, 17 May 2008.

  1. Hairy Boy

    Hairy Boy New Member


    thinking about some new wheels for my Giant Terrago disc.

    Is there anything I need to consider to ensure the new wheels are compatible with my bike?

    I'm thinking mainly around the disc brakes - Giants own MPH Root. Will the rotors still line up between the pads once fitted to new wheels ?

    Also, how easy are the rotors to get off the old wheels ?

  2. GilesM

    GilesM Guru

    East Lothian
    I cannot imagine you'd have any problem with different wheels, they all seem to be made so that the rotors will line up, whatever the wheels and whatever the forks, as long as you stick to the main companies (shimano or Hope for example). As for getting the rotors off the original wheels, this should not be difficult.

    Have Fun

  3. OP
    Hairy Boy

    Hairy Boy New Member

    Thanks GilesM

    Thanks for your response GilesM.

    Had a chat with a guy in my LBS who suggested pouring boiling water on the rotor screws to 'break' the locktite which may be applied before try to unscrew the 6 screws.
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