Newbie tour de france question.

If you make your whole team go faster as a pack, then you limit your chances of things.

For example, if they all run out of steam, then you're whole team is boned.

And if every team tried to create a breakaway, it'd be a peloton, just a few minutes infront.


Breakaways have to be "let go" by the peloton. If one whole team tried to break away the peloton would chase them down immediately and they would have expended a whole load of effort for nothing.


The GC contenders don't allow other GCer's to breakaway. If RadioShack tried to make a break with Lance, then all the other GCers would go with them, and you'd just end up with a fast moving peleton.

Because the GCer want to save some energy for the mountains, they allow non-contenders to break knowing it won't make any difference in Paris. The Sprinters teams see things the other way around.

But I'm no expert. so I could be wrong.
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