Hi all new to the forum joined yesterday names Pete. I'm a mad keen clay pigeon and target shooter and self confessed land rover nut. As a teenager practically lived on my bike but not done any cycling for years. Last November bought a specialized crosstrail sport and I'm loving it. Commute to work few days a week and get out at the weekend. Just arranged to do the Leeds liverpool canal with a few mates in June so need to up the training now. Then we are looking at the manchester blackpool. Any advice will be appreciated

welsh dragon

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Hello. Welcome to the forum.:welcome:. There are lots of people here who can and will offer advice.
peter davidson

peter davidson

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Couldn't get rid of the landie built it from chassis up. Just in process of making a cycle rack for it though. My wife likes cycling with me but hates the hills and as we live on top of a hill it never ends well. With the bikes on the landie she can pick where she wants to cycle

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Hi and :welcome: Pete.

My advice: get your saddle adjustment right, keep the tyre pressures up and enjoy the rides.:thumbsup:
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