nice ride in until


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last 20 minutes. Selfish woman in Mercedes wouldn't give way and allow me to cross into Clapham Common even though she couldn't drive any further because of parked cars on her side of this narrow lane. So I ended up having to go around the back of her beyond my turning then double back.

Then get undertaken by idiot pedestrian/car driver on a bicycle.

Saw the aftermath of a taxi doing a U turn on a major road and wiping out a motorbike. Must have just happened as no police/ambulance on scene.

Then got caught in a vulnerable spot at a difficult junction with a steep incline when the lights changed and a pedestrian indicated he didn't like my road positioning (I'd rather be visible and alive than in a bad position and squashed by left turning traffic). But you can't explain all this to them can you?

Then a whole line of cyclists got passed in the cycle lane by a lorry creeping past about 6 inches away, yikes.

Spoilt my ride. I try to not let these things get to me but they do.


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That sucks Logan. That's probably about 8 weeks worth of commuting incidents for me, all inside 20 minutes.

I know what you mean about trying not to let things like that get to you as I have the same tendency. Not much else to occupy the mind when I'm out on my bike (in a good way) so when something unpleasant does occur it's hard not to let it affect you.
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