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Starts in May.

I think negative feedback did give people the chance to be unfair...or over exagerate potential situations that they encountered.

Constructive critisism is more accepted as we know.
I can see people putting a neutral or positive mark against the person and still saying how poor their experience was.

I think a scoreline perhaps might be more accurate. 1-10 1 being Sh*te and 10 being excellent.
Mind you...they have those 4 questions you can score the person when you go to leave feedback. Unsatisfied, neither unsatisfied nor satified, satisfied, above expectations blah blah blah.

Can you see it lasting?


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neggie feedback is th efirst thing I look for if i see something I like. If I see just one neggie commnet I am gone.


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Its negative feedback by sellers against buyers that they are getting rid of. A buyer can still leave negs against a seller


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Bigtallfatbloke said:
neggie feedback is th efirst thing I look for if i see something I like. If I see just one neggie commnet I am gone.

I sell and buy a fair bit. An odd Neg isnt too much to worry about BTFB.
Ive sold maybe 100 items, with a total feedback of nearly 300, and still 100% positive. I work bloody hard to keep the 'customer' happy...but ive still come close to a genuine mistake as a seller that nearly cost me a negative.

As a buyer, ive brought plenty from sellers with an odd negative. Never really had a probem.

I guess if you sell some stage, however hard you work or try, a buyers going to be unreasonable and give you a neg. I'm just waiting for that day :smile:

That said BTFB, if your way works for risk...good for you


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Sellers left without any recourse to an unreasonable buyer will be at the mercy of said buyer. There will be plenty of that going on from May.

But then again, ive only had one unreasonable buyer in approx 100 sales. Under the new proposals...i WOULD have got a negative on one of my listings, definately. That buyer ASSUMED there were items in my listing that were NOT mentioned or shown in the pictures
(An Eheim Aquarium pump. I was selling the pump ONLY. My listing made no mention of the ancillary hoses and valves etc. ONLY the pump was shown in the pictures....yet as soon as the buyer recieved their parcel, thay contacted me and asked where the hoses and valves were ??????)


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Some pillock gave me a negative feedback once. I won his item, I think the auction finished on Friday night, I was away for the weekend. When I got back and looked on the Sunday night he had given me a negative as I hadn't contacted him within twenty four hours!! :smile: It's still there more than a year later! :biggrin::biggrin:B)!:biggrin:

The idiot told me that he had only signed up to eBay that week too.


I got a negative feedback once (ruined my 100%)...I never got an invoice from the seller, so I contacted him and asked for his address to send my cheque to. He never replied despite many emails to him.
Then he gives me negative feedback for being a non-payer. What a tosser.
No negatives yet, although I've dealt with a few total self-gratification artists over the last few years. I sell quite a bit on ebay and it's surprising how you can do your best to be helpful and friendly, and describe your items absolutely honestly, and still find that the buyer is just out to pick faults. ;)


I'm not a buyer or seller on e-bay but there are some folk who out there who don't go to bed happy unless they've managed to to give somebody grief that day ;).


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(An Eheim Aquarium pump. I was selling the pump ONLY. My listing made no mention of the ancillary hoses and valves etc. ONLY the pump was shown in the pictures....yet as soon as the buyer recieved their parcel, thay contacted me and asked where the hoses and valves were ??????)

I once sold something described as 'a pair of handlebars' and the buyer emailed me asking why there was only one set in the box.

Would he expect two sets of trousers if he bought a pair?

I think he did end up leaving me a positive but only after a while.


I think removing the ability for sellers to leave feedback is a great idea. It puts an end to the ridiculous situation of the potential for retalitatory feedback. It could never really be that effective while that was a possibility. Now, people won't feel obliged to leave positive feedback for a product that they're not that satisfied with just in order not to get negative feedback themselves. It also places more responsibility on the seller, which is a good thing.
The BBC news report said someone was whinging that it would take away sellers' "protection". What 'protection' do they need? If they list it honestly and send it out properly, as described and in good time, and communicate properly, then they shouldn't NEED any protection. As a seller, you get the money BEFORE you have to despatch the product. Surely that's 'protection' enough...
You'd be surprised Bonj. The last thing I sold, I arranged to meet the buyer at a motorway services to hand it over to him. I warned him I might be there as late as 11pm (I work weird hours) and texted him when I set off at 9.30 saying I'd be "an hour or so". At 10.10 I got a text saying he was already there and asking where I was. When I texted back to say I was still about half an hour away, he threw his teddy and said he was going home and was very disappointed. So, I apologised and said I'd post it out at my expense (around a tenner). There followed a series of more or less abusive texts basically saying what an unreliable idiot I was and how he couldn't believe I'd let him down and he wasn't going to trust me to turn up on time again. To all of which I responded very politely. I did post it out to him, once he paid me, and he contacted me after receiving it to complain it was marked - which I'd mentioned, and photographed, in the listing. I'm still waiting for feedback from him, but the moral of the story is I've done everything right and he's a twat, and if he leaves me negative feedback I'll be very annoyed indeed.
Sorry, that's a long post, but it's nice to get that off my chest!


I'd have sent him a text saying "do you want it or not? If you do you'd better stop being abusive". And if he carried on being abusive just not sent it him and keep his money. In fact I might have just done that anyway.

I sold a PS3 for a mate recently, and a guy who bid on it started sending questions about it AFTER he'd won it, and then left his phone number saying could I contact him. I did, and he basically then said that although he'd won the auction he didn't want it any more. I got quite angry on the phone with him, basically saying that "well you shouldn't have bid on it then should you", and he came up with some cock and bull story about his wife having already bought one for his kid and he hadn't spoken to her for two weeks so he didn't know - was very apologetic and offered to pay me for my expense. "How much for your ebay fees?" he asked. "£20", said I. He sounded shocked, and offered me a tenner. "Twenty quid." I repeated. he eventually paid me £20, obviously in the hope of not getting an unpaid item strike (which are obviously still going to exist). I was going to leave it at that, but then my mate noticed he was SELLING a PS3 of his own, so we came to the conclusion that he was simply price fixing, and just wanted to ruin my auction so it wouldn't be in competition with his own.
I wasn't having that, so I left negative feedback even though he'd left positive, and gave him an unpaid item strike and obviously kept his £20.

I think the best system would be transactional feedback - i.e. you can both leave feedback, but both feedbacks aren't visible to each other or anyone else until BOTH have left the feedback.
But I think the step that's been taken is better than nothing, because the way the system was working with sellers able to leave feedback based on the buiyers' feedback was a joke.
Also, I recommend some rules for ebay:
1) only ever deal with paypal
2) describe all faults of an item
3) if possible, don't ask a seller a question which enables them to skew their answer based on what you want to hear (i.e. don't reveal which answer you want to hear) - e.g. 'what features has it got' rather than 'has it got feature X'
4) always use 'seller's standard rate', rather than one of the preset postal service indicators, e.g. 'parcelforce 24' - they don't correspond to anything anyway, and it gives rise to the one thing that really annoys my bro -when people say 'ah -i notice it only cost you £3.24 to post it but you charged me a fiver', can i have a refund of £1.76 please?' NO! it's to cover my expenses in going to the bloody post office. So therefore, put something along the lines of 'postal charges include additional administration costs' or something along those lines.
and, going by your experience, (5) always post it and dont' arrange to deliver it...
When i sold my beemer, I said I'd deliver it, with a charge per mile, and the woman who won it wanted it lived in bloody Ayr and wanted it delivered there! I said 'no chance'. We eventually compromised on meeting in darlington and she paid my train ticket home.
Transitional feedback is a great idea, that's the system I'd go for. The revenge feedback thing really annoys me - personally, when someone buys something from me, they get feedback as soon as they've paid because they've done their bit then. I always describe things honestly and deal straight with people, so I'm not (normally) worried about any feedback they might leave me.
It's just the occaional idiot you have to deal with; I sold a 45 year old Volvo on ebay last year. The guy who bought it came up from Brighton to Wolverhampton, gave me £650 in cash then tried to drive it home. It disgraced itself in a big way and for about a week afterwards I got answerphone messages and emails detailing what was wrong with it. Well, a) if I'd wanted to know about (and pay for) its faults, I'd have kept it, and ;) what the hell did he expect, buying such an old car off a total stranger on the net without coming to see it first? Again, I described the condition of the car to the absolute best of my ability, but he seemed to think I should give him his money back, or something. Where do these people get off?:biggrin:
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