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Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by yenrod, 28 Mar 2008.

  1. yenrod

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    PRE - 9/10speed KMC chain & I had a Dura Ace R-Mech floating snapped the chain put i on it etc..but the indexing would never index absolutely correctly anyone know why as I'm gonna have to put the Tiagra one back on which will index proper !
  2. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor Exterminate Christmas! Moderator

    If it's an old (like, really old) Dura ace I think they had a different cable pull ratio. Check on Sheldon - there's a different cable routing that *should* make it work with new stuff.
  3. OP

    yenrod Guest

    MMMmmmmmmm...interesting - thanks Doc. :becool:
  4. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    7400 series and older Dura Ace have a different pull from the rest - will only work with DA shifters
  5. Yes he's right, pre-97 Dura Ace, before it went 9sp

    You can use a newer non-DA derailleur with old DA shifters by different cable routing, *but not old DA der with newer shifters* like you're trying to
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