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In the market for my first pair of Road SPD-SL shoes.

Looking at Northwave though cant find a local shop to try any on. So will have to go mail order.

2 models: Sonic SRS RRP £99.99 Sonic 3S RRP £89.99. The difference is the SRS has a ratchet strap and the 3S has 3 velcro straps

2 questions
Sizing. I am a UK 12 for most regular shoes/trainers. i am thinking EU48 which is roughly a UK 13 on Northwaves sizing guide- would that be right?

Ratchet v Velcro. The RRP is only £10 difference so would go for the ratchet but online whilst i can find the 3S for under £60 i cant find the SRS for less than £85. Is ratchet worth the £25 extra? What do people think?

any advice appreciated.


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North wave come up fairly wide. Buy from retailers with free returns or it gets very expensive very quickly


Ratchet v velcro is entirely down to personal preference. If you prefer ratchet, then the £25 is worth it.


I've got ratchet on my SPD shoes and boa on my road shoes. Personally I prefer them both over velcro.


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@vickster gave sound advice! Free returns are an absolute must if you buy any kind of cycling shoes/clothing online. The sizing is completely bonkers.

I'm a huge fan of NorthWave shoes, mine being SPDs. They are great on the road bikes, have a nice wide fit, and the materials they use mean that they don't smell.


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Thanks everyone. Yeh Viks sound advice indeed.

A local shop didnt have in stock to try but reckoned a 48 would be right. i have plumped for a pair of white/black Sonic SRS in 48 from Wiggle. They have a free returns policy.
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