Not all Teams are Bling Bling

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
The link opened fine thanks, mondobongo. As you say not everyone is using the latest and fanciest equipment but they are keen and mostly good. I race with some of the members of the club I'm with in Manila and believe me some of the bikes are showing age as well as wear and tear, but the riders are so dedicated to the sport that it's a pleasure to go out with them!!!!!!!!!

Rob S

New Member
mondobongo said:
In a sport that at times is obsessed with kit be you a Pro or Sunday Clubman its nice to see that not everyone is blinged up and for some it truly is the taking part that matters.

May explain the news that Half**ds is sponsoring the British track cycling team!!!:blush:

I hope that just means a logo rather than equipment supplier....we don't want to see Victoria riding a full suspension Apollo in the Keirin!!!!
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