Not today

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New Member looks altogether bike bloody cold and a stronger wind than yesterday...I may give it a miss today...erm...the riding i mean....wimp i hear you say...aye says I...wimp....:biggrin:


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Fantastic morning over here big lad! crystal clear blue skies, gentle breeze, birds singing in the trees, people smiling and waving, cars giving you plenty of room and a cheerfulk 'peep' as they pass.......oh ok. The first bit was true at least.


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Aye, t'was a struggle riding to work this morning with the child seat on the back. Literally like riding with the brake on. Good exercise though and hopefully will make smart progress this evening.


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uh-oh. But to be fair the weather forecast isn't worth a jot these days I find.
I concur. Too cold, too windy. No point being a damn fool about it.

And further to my other thread - 'Hey Mr Cyclist, it's bloody freezing - wear some long trousers and socks! Or are you just HARD?'
It was really nice in North Wales this morning. Not too cold and nice and bright. I'm glad I took the car yesterday. It was raining so hard going back home that on several occasions, I had to slow right down because I thought the road was flooded.
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