Notification that won't go away!


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For the past day, whenever I login to cyclechat, there is one notification showing up.....and it is the same one, regardless how many times I read that thread!

Never happened before....
Doesn't matter if I try an entirely new browser, logout then back in....mark that thread read/unread, ignore the thread, unwatch it......I keep seeing

Something very odd going on there: if anyone can figure it out, please do so, it is crazy!

Curiously enough, no other notifications have come up....might be coincidence (I don't 'follow' too many threads, maybe they haven't changed).



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Has anyone posted since you got the notification? Can you see Brandane's post?

I have been getting this occasionally on a pm conversation and when checking I cannot see the post I am being notified about. The solution is to make a post myself, just a full stop will suffice, and then the notification clears and I can see the missing post as well as my full stop.

Might be worth trying. If it is then this is an intermittent glitch in the software that has been happening since middle of last year.


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Yeah, happened to me a few mobths ago. Irritatating., annoying and pointless. Nothing seemed to clear it, so I just stopped posting and went to other well respected cycle forums where I have participated for years with my extensive knowledge and no such issues.

The glitch has gone now, so probably a software issue, but no doubt something the admins can sort readily?


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Just have the jab and be done with it.

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yup me too ..i have two notifications on the bell icon that stay even though I have read them all??
gone now 5th Feb don't know how or why but happy^_^
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Logging in today after a few days offline I notice some very subtle differences in the site that suggest Shaun has been doing some updates. Very probably related to that so hopefully he'll be looking at the feedback and sorting out teething troubles soon.
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