Nottingham - Raleigh Dyna tech Stolen


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I'm sure the owner won't mind me posting this on their behalf.

The owner of Alladin's Cycles in Nottingham had his ****ing amazing hand built Ti Raleigh Dyna Tech stolen in the wee hours of Saturday.

Of course it is utterly irreplaceable so a concerted effort must be found to bring it back, and the bastard who nicked it caught would be good too.

If anyone sees this fantastic bike anywhere in the UK or indeed the world, possibly with a nasty respray, let the owner know and the police ASAP.

I'll keep an eye out when am riding for you, will let a few people know too.


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TheMadCyclist said:
I'm quite sure I saw a bike like that today whilst in West Bridgeford outside the big co-op today. The only change it had was some white tape on the handlebars. Could be a different bike but it looked like that one. A white guy in his mid 20's with short hair, black hoody, looked like he could not ride the bike to save his life, all over the road. Need any more info, PM me. I would of taken a picture, but I didn't have my helmet cam on.
must have been the bike - I've never seen anything like that and I look at every bike I see!
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