Now I know why I enjoy cycling.


North west
I have many issues in my life and part of my therapy is to do an activity I enjoy which is cycling, I dont do it for speed however I do like to have a nice bike.
3 hrs cycling through billinge, burscough and around parbold...just me, jelly babies and some nice roads....heaven....I dont ask for much.


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Can't argue with that.............


Eat, sleep, ride, repeat.
Sounds very familiar, whilst I don't have many issues (hope yours improve) I do have a very busy life, so time on the bike with the phone set to mute and just my own thoughts- or sometimes no thoughts- sorts me right out!


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Whilst being fortunate in not having too many issues I agree with you about the cycling - just look at my average speeds! Nice just to stop and admire the wild flowers or listen to the birdsong - or just the hear the complete silence out in the marshes.
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Going fast should only be used to go further with the time you have. Never to cycle the same distance in a shorter time as that defeats the object of the time out in my mind.

As far as Jelly Babies are concerned, they should match or directly contrast with the colour of your bike!
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