Now that's what I *call* a cycle lane


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Springing up all over that there Londongrad..


It really makes a difference, especially for the nervous/vulnerable. (Passed a mum & two kids on the way back from my swim - totally separated from the traffic.)


Looking for the lost chord.
We've had them since last year. Motorists hate them. The council, who installed them, also hate them because they reduce car parking income.
Few cyclists use them.


We have them here in Wirral (New Ferry to Rock Ferry) they have solid white lane markings and porpoise ramp things (I think, could be Orca) but not the posts - so all the Motons just park on the bike path, probably not even slowing down as they cross the 'line'. My best hope is the edge markers will cost them Front N/S tyres at £250 (being Audi/BMW/Fashionable/slammed/lowered/stupid is as stupid would).
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