cycle lane

  1. cyberknight

    reporting poor cycle lane condition

    A long drawn out affair it has turned out to be The section of cyclepath i have to use to avoid the roundabout of death which is a 3 lane affair where everyone is doing 40 plus and lane hopping is not safe even in a vehicle has been covered in various debris off lorries, bottles of...
  2. swee'pea99

    Now that's what I *call* a cycle lane

    Springing up all over that there Londongrad.. It really makes a difference, especially for the nervous/vulnerable. (Passed a mum & two kids on the way back from my swim - totally separated from the traffic.)
  3. Banjo

    possibly not the best cycle lane ever installed. Link is to Daily Mail article.
  4. matticus

    Removal of Kensington Cycle Lane - now used for parking (You can also see who is blocking the lane here: View: )
  5. Mburton1993

    Pop Up Cycle Lane

    On my ride last night I came across this: (Not my pic - MENs) From Droylsden (The Snipe) to city centre. I can see why this this is being done, to encourage people to cycle into Manchester and avoid public transport and that particular bit of the A635 (Ashton Old Road) is properly busy at...
  6. PeteXXX

    Kensington cycle lane probable closure

    Not even fully implemented, yet, but it's likely to be scrapped. Londoncentric post.. ~Evening Standard link~
  7. Gasman

    Cycle lane 'closure' Edinburgh

    The gate across the footpath/cycleway from Duddingston Rd West toward the Jewel has been closed with a dirty great nut and bolt. It's not stopping many as there's still a kissing gate at one side and a bike barrier at the other although it caused me hassle as I was towing the shopping trailer...
  8. Gasman

    Another duff cycle lane

    Courtesy of The Chive
  9. captain nemo1701

    Car in the cycle lane

    We've all probably had that experience of a vehicle in the cycle lane....This must take the biscuit:wacko::
  10. Fab Foodie

    Cyclists in Oxfordshire urged to ride close to cycle lane line
  11. Sunny Portrush

    Peer blames cycle lane for terrorist attack

    Didn`t see this posted elsewhere on the site so bringing it to our attention. Please keeps comments related to the cycle issue but sometimes words fail me.
  12. B

    Turning left across cycle lane

    If as a driver, you're going to move into a left filter lane, and you see a cyclist not too far behind you in your passenger door mirror, what would you do? The filter lane is to the left of the cycle lane, so you must cut across it. Today, I (driver) put my indicator on and slowed right down...
  13. Simontm

    Portsmouth Rd cycle lane

    aside from being a munumental f up imho, with the weather turning I emailed cycle Kingston about clearing and gritting this winter. They replied: "We have spoken with the Street Scene people who advise that they are currently in the process of finalising the gritting routes and these will be on...
  14. Scot on a bike

    Cycle lane Lunacy!

    Saw this on twitter today- the daily mail have been slating cycle lanes again- which is apparently the cause of the capitals gridlock and pollution problems! I will let you read this excellent piece of journalism for yourselves.. (Apologies if already posted, couldn't find in my search)
  15. gasinayr

    New cycle lane in Ayr
  16. U

    Cyclist injured in Brighton cycle lane

  17. Sheffield_Tiger

    <sarcasm> South Yorkshire Police keeping cyclists safe </sarcasm>

    Just in case a bus swerves out of control into the cycle lane, in's nice of SYP to provide such a sturdy barrier on this contra-flow Oh..their car park is about 10 metres away!
  18. glenn forger

    Bradford Cycle Lane

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