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    Yeah but it really isn't a busy road, even in the height of summer, August, when the A82 into Fort William is heaving, that road is quiet and a lot of people stop in Glenfinnan. Outside of summer, once past Glenfinnan heading towards Mallaig, traffic is sparse.
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    Why not going over Moydart from Lochailort instead of to Fort Williams on your way to Glencoe ? I have done the Moydart circuit and it is a undervalued area. It only add 10-20 miles to the journey and there is hardly any cars there. There is only one big hill there (150 meter above sea level or so) and the rest is pretty good. The scenery is excellent too and you can combine that with either Mull or go straight to Corran Ferry and Glencoe.

    Also, take the west side of Loch Eil instead of going through Fort Williams. Hardly a car and the Corran Ferry is to my knowledge free for us cyclists. The road is also dead flat and I can imagine; very scenic. I am doing this road on my return from Ullapool this summer.
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    I am also planning a trip through the area, albeit in late May, so I'll be finishing just as you get started. A friend has very kindly made a whole website for me covering route and so on. Some parts of the route are similar, in some I take a different tack.
  4. Great suggestions. I have done both of these options and they are highly recommended.
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