Office suite for "Acer" tablet advice.


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Santa brought me a tablet this year. I use Dropbox between home and work and my mobile (Windows phone so no problem with Microsoft compatibility). I'm confused though looking at the different packages available for tablets. Mine has "Office Suite Pro", trial version, loaded and was thinking of giving this a go, but will it read any of my Microsoft, " Dropbox" documents?
I've never used an Android device before so it's taking me a little while to get used to what it can do.
I will be wanting to add on Sportstracker, Strava and Ritmo so I can transfer workouts from my phone (Windows phone again).
Any advice or useful sites gratefully received.
I can confirm that officesuite pro will read docx, pptx and xlsx files without apparent problems, mine came with the paid for version (V7) for some reason that I don't understand but it makes life easier. Strava is also not a problem and if you are looking for a small addictive game try one called Dots. :whistle:
I got an Acer, so assume it's Android. Would that work work on Android?
It depends if the developers have written an android version for it. Just go to Google play and search for it. If it comes up, yes, if it does not then you either didn't search for exactly the right thing or no they haven't written an android version (which can actually be more common than you would think)... Goes off to have a look for you...
OK, it does exist, but read the reviews first. Officesuite Pro, which is now version 8 hence why I probably have version 7 free) seems to have much better reviews, but do not expect full MS Office functionality. None of them are written by MS and will therefore never have full functionality in the same manner.

If you have any documents or PowerPoint or excel files you would like me to test for you that are not confidential etc, and then to me by PM and is am more than happy to see if I can open them for you etc, if it will help you. I was an it engineer until I went off to cycle around the world, but will happily own up to only having had a tablet since the beginning of November but it had had extensive use since then.



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Docs to go does work on android and I found it very good as a phone size mobile version.

I use kingsoft office (WPS office) on my Hudl tablet and I used it on my Win 7 laptop as a total replacement for MS Office. It is in my opinion a step above Open Office and Libre Office as a full size application, has no incompatibility issues with Microsoft files, reads and writes the .---x formats and has inbuilt PDF set up.

And is freeware.


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I might wait to have a chat with IT Dept. at school in Jan. There's one of the staff who has always been helpful and has a tablet herself.


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Looks good but will it open MS Office docs.? I need to access work from school from time to time.
Yes WPS will open office docs, and duplicate most (but by no means all) of the functionality of the desktop versions.

Another option is the apps from a German outfit called Softmaker. There are free trials on the Google play store.
Some of the advanced animation features in their presentation software don't behave quite like Powerpoint, but mostly it's pretty good.
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