Oh bugger.....office move (internal)


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Being the co-operative sort of person I am, I've said I'm OK to shuffle offices. We're getting a number of new starters soon and we are having to shuffle offices about to fit them in (this is an old building with one or two people per room). At present, I've got my own room, so bike and kit comes in and I've got somewhere to dry my stuff.

Looks like I'm moving in with the Dean's PA, but..bike will have to go back into the bike locker (which is fine) but I'll not have anywhere to dry my kit, nor the space.... ahhhh :wacko: Problem..... Also going to be more faffing with leaving shoes and clothes which don't need to come back home every day.

The chap that's organising the move hadn't realised about my 'special needs' so I've just posed the question..... I've got a locker in the shower room, but it's no good for drying anything - just need space to air my kit.

There is a cleaners cupboard opposite the new office, but it's always locked.

Hmm.... suggestions ?


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How high is your ceiling - you could install a Pulley Maid (also known as a Sheila Maid elsewhere)

LINK TO: http://www.pulleymaid.com/Classic_Clothes_Airer.htm


Befrend your local IT - there's air con in the server room.
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