Oh no! I am now a commuter. HELP!

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Over The Hill, 5 Apr 2008.

  1. I have just started taken a job in London near Kings Cross. I can change at work so am looking at bike options.

    Option 1
    Train to Waterloo and then fold up through to Kings Cross. It is only a couple of miles so will I get by on a fairly low grade bike. I was just thinking of keeping it light and simple.
    I have tracked down a Dahon Vitesse D5 that I see have had good comments in the past but they go for fair money or can I get by with a Salcano with 16" wheels (it is alloy with gears).
    Anything I should know about for a newbie doing this?

    Option 2
    Drive in on M3 and at some point switch to the bike for the remainder. Junction 1 is only 10 miles into town, but is it doable to get to J1 by car at say 8am? Does anyone do this or something like it and if so where do you park and is there a better option on these lines?

    I had in mind to do option 1 mostly but to throw in option 2 a couple of days per week.

    I have the cycle route maps from Ken's people and am happy to try out various routes in for the bike bit on the longer option.
  2. Just wanted to say good luck mate.Don't know a lot about fold ups though sorry.

    I don't think i'll ask what the new job is though.
  3. If you can get parked reasonably then the rest is a nice ride into town. The M3 peters out into the A316 at Staines / Chertsey etc... there may be some parking around Hanworth - then it is an hour or probably less trundle into Kings X - straight along the A316 to Kew Bridge and then read the other thread on this 'Commuting' section about how to hit Shepherds Bush etc - Notting Hill, Bayswater Rd, Sussex Gardens, Marylebone Road - then arrive at Kings X!:angry:
  4. Thanks
    I will be Soliciting around Kings Cross Station but not that kind of soliciting!
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