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Hi, bit of a strange one and just wondered what the Cycle Chat hive would do...
Ordered a Chromebook couple of days ago, £200, just need something for browsing really, nothing else. Bought from a very well known company who I am not going to name at the minute anyway, never had a chromebook before so was looking forward to getting it.
Duly arrived the next day and in my excitement I just opened it up, switched it on and went through the setting up procedure, was pleasantly surprised with how nice it looked, and was a bit bigger than I thought it would be. Anyway, after initial excitement it dawned on me that they have sent me a laptop instead, and the model number currently sells for £600 - way too powerful for anything that I would ever need it for (its the same make as the Chromebook and only an inch bigger screen size which is why I did not immediately twig).. Uhmmed and ahhed, what do I do but finally conscience got the better of me and I got in touch with the shop through their chat function to explain what happened, return the laptop and get the chromebook delivered - well they couldn't have been less interested! No "thank you" (I wasn't expecting them to fall at my feet but a Thanks would have been nice), and then, I forget exactly how the conversation went but along the lines of - "can you send my chromebook please" , "no, not until we receive the laptop" "ah, i really wanted it asap which is why I went next day delivery", "sorry, policy is we cannot send one out until we get this one back, if we did you would have 2 and might keep it" ""!!!!if I wanted to keep it I would not have been on chat and told you in the first place!!!". So, ended with them saying they will arrange collection, wait for an email - its been 24 hours now and nothing from them.
Would you chase this up with the shop? What do I do with the laptop - start using it and return it when delivery is arranged or keep it packed away until delivery

Any advice (other than I shouldn't have told them in the first place!) welcome.

Can you tell them you only know how to read emails on a chrome book?
You've told them that they have sent you unsolicited goods. The least they could do is arrange a simultaneous swap i.e. courier collects the laptop and hands you the chromebook. Personally I would just sit pretty and let them sort it out if it matters to them.
As far as I understand it, it's still their property, but I think they'd be on dodgy ground expecting someone that has made a reasonable request to go out of their way, especially as they've failed to meet their end of the bargain by delivering the correct goods at the appointed time. Especially as ian brought it to their attention the moment he realised the error.


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They've told you what their policy is, so you could reply with what your policy is.

To show how daft their 'policy' is. "It's my policy to not return goods until receiving the correct item. If I did, I would have nothing from you and you might not send me the correct item". Pretty sure you have no obligation to comply with what is their internal policy as long as you are willing to return it. It's their mistake and quite reasonable for you to ask them to sort it out in a manner that doesn't further inconvenience you. I mean they're actually suggesting you might not return it when you've brought it to their attention and it's them as a company who have proven that they're not all that competent. Bigger risk on your part than theirs.

What do 2 companies do when they have conflicting policies? They come to a mutual arrangement that satisfies both.

Having said all that, I would probably just ignore it now because my guess is that if you don't hear from them tomorrow you'll never hear from them again, unless you continue to chase them to solve their own problem. Incompetence is so common that I have come to expect it from people.


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Agree with keeping it. It's up to them to arrange collection of the item.

Wonder who got the Chromebook?


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Massive corporate entities are just not geared up for the level of detail your problem has generated. You've done your bit and more, and their error has worked out in your favour.. you won't hear back from them I feel, and within a couple more days you can relax into enjoying your new laptop.


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They've made a muff up.

Youve informed them.

They seem uninterested in doing anything about it.

You've brought the matter to their attention, and you've under no obligation to keep continually pestering them now you've informed them. Its their duty to remedy the situation, not yours to run around unpaid on their behalf.

Id contact Argos one more time, giving them 7 days to collect the wrongly delivered goods and deliver the correct item (were you to order one now I'm sure it would arrive in 2 or 3 days, so 7 is more than reasonable), otherwise you will take the stance that they are not intending to rectify the situation, and will assume the rights of the owner. Remember, although its a pricier pooter, you still paid 200 quid so still have a financial claim to it until such time as they ever bother to send you the correct one.


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Massive corporate entities are just not geared up for the level of detail your problem has generated. You've done your bit and more, and their error has worked out in your favour.. you won't hear back from them I feel, and within a couple more days you can relax into enjoying your new laptop.
Only issue may arrive if need to make a warranty claim on a laptop never purchased?


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Similar (ish) happend to me at start of first lock down. Ordered a phone, which was faulty. Was told I could exchange at an 'in shop' store, despite their website saying I couldn't, and lol-and-behold the store wanted nothing to do with it. Had a 'chat' with a manager at customer care, and they agreed to send out a new one, and would contact me to collect the faulty one at a later date. 15 months later, I'm still waiting for them to contact me. It's just too much hassle for large companies to bother most of the time. My guess is you will never hear from them.
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