Oil stains on carpets


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I have to move out of my flat soon. Because I keep two bikes in my flat, and a bit careless from time to time, there are a couple of little oil stains on the carpets. I do have some access to solvents, but does anyone have any really good ways for getting the oil stains out?


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I would try standard carpet cleaner first before bringing in large quantities of industrial solvents to your flat.


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Cheap method: dissolve washing powder in warm water, apply with an old dish washing brush. Will result in a clean spot that stands out if the carpet on the whole was a bit grubby to begin with.


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Cheers for that - might as well do it over the whole carpet in that case, to make sure I get my deposit back!


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Vanish works well with oil stains on clothing, so would probably work on a carpet. If it is a really bad stain try neat Swarfega (sp?).

Be careful about the desposit. Many landloards will try to keep your desposit however much cleaning you do. Get them round before you go and get them to sign a letter agreeing that you have left your accommodation in reasonable condition and that they will refund the deposit.

Or don't pay the final month's rent if that is the same as the deposit (though this may not be entirely legal).
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