Oils and glues


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I'm in the process of reassembling a Raleigh Pioneer. I think I know which bits need sticking and which bits will need removing for servicing.
I have never used the blue locktite (?) type stuff for the sticking, or indeed used a lubricant to ensure a cast alluminium part can be removed from a steel part (grease, perhaps copper based, Imissed that bit in chemistry?).

1. New pedals need to be joined to crank arms, broke a spanner getting the old ones off. (Which lube for the future?)
2. V Brakes need joining to frame, don't want them coming off easily. (Which sticky stuff for the longer term?)

I'm assuming brake pads will need changing, no stuff needed?


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1. Anti seize. Moly based is best, but copper will do. Grease doesn't help much as the pressures at the threads are immense and the grease flows away from the contact points like water, although it will help prevent water getting in so is better than nothing.

2. Good old Loctite blue.
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