Ok this place has been distracting me long enough today so..

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Colne, Lancs
I did mine this morning. Down here it's a lot warmer than it looks.


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Just a quick 7 mile round trip to meet the little lady for lunch for me today. 19 mph average there, somewhat slower return though, probably due to the Marston's Old Empire and the lardy burger lunch :eek:


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..ok I'm back 40km and a head wind that seemed to be against me on th eway back as well...anyway...apparently i am in the wrong country....yes it's true...it must be as it was yelled at me by a drunken fat slob from the pub terrace as I passed....I think he thought he was being amusing....I have a yellow shirt on so I suppose he was referring to the tour....made himself look a right dick he did....well just a bit more than he usually looks.


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Despite a late night drinking wine, I got out today for a little ride in the country. Lovely and sunny but a headwind all the way back. :eek:

Still, tomorrow I get to have a lie in and watch the tour live all afternoon. The weather forecast has already made my plans!
I'm going to need some nagging tomorrow. Mrs RT is working so I've said I'll go out on the bike. But it'll be the first time I've ridden seriously for about three months, so the easiest option is just not to go. Still, now I've told you lot about it, I can't back out so easily.
I'm planning on doing 40 or 50 miles, but it might be considerably shorter. Especially if it's raining.

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Bigtallfatbloke said:
I have only got the 5 terrestial channels..so not much tour for me :blush:

As Ceedee say, pop down thw local electrical warehouse first thing tomorrow and get a Freeview box...5 minutes max to set it up....and depending on where you live you can even getaway with a portable TV ariel :eek:

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Kirton, Devon.
Noodley][quote=Bigtallfatbloke said:
I have only got the 5 terrestial channels..so not much tour for me :eek:

ye have t'internet so have a visit to here:


and click on NOS ('tis dutch)[/quote]

Tis Excellent!

Only just found it today, great streaming, quality good.
Looking forward to tomorrow...
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