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Myself and the mrs are getting married next year and we have had a chat about honeymoon.we're no into going abroad etc and the mrs has said she wants to ride to Yorkshire and back for our honeymoon from Bedford.This was great news as its something that we both enjoy.
Now the problem we have is..........how the hell do we plan our route avoiding the A1M M56 etc etc,having never planned a cycling route like this one before and never having held an os map we just dont know where to start.We have until next october to prepare the full holiday and once we have planned the route we'll then look at things like B&B etc.Is there a web site or anything that we could use to help find a safe route,the mrs does'nt have a huge amount of confidence in traffic and busy roads? Cheers in advance.


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www.maps.google.com - use the pedestrian option then it picks quiet roads. You might have to break the journey into shorter sections. The cycle option might work, I have a vague recollection that it sort of works.

www.viamichelin.co.uk has a cycle option each part of the journey has to be less than 200km

Hope that helps

The suggestion above are good ones and you could also try Bikehike for ideas as well. I would add though at some point you will have to contend with short sections of busy roads on such a journey. Getting some road cycling experience over the next year would help you plan the most effective route IMO. Hope the prep goes well.

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All the suggestions above are great and you will find you use a combination of sources for your planning but at the end of the day the 1 : 25.000 scale OS maps will be your best source of info. They contain everything you need and clearly show the cycle routes and canal networks. Start off slow, buy the map that surrounds your home and plan day rides until your confidence builds up enough to plan larger excursions. You'll be surprised how quickly you get used to spotting routes after your first few rides!
Plus some of the nicest pubs and B&B's I have found was when I was "lost" :thumbsup:


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All the above stuff is helpfull.
Additionally between now & your honeymoon,buy an OS Landranger map of your local area (or see if your local library has a copy of same).Read it in the comfort of your home.Pick a short a circular route begining at your home & ride whilst refering to the map.
Repeat at regular intervals using longer routes to places of interest shown on themap:tongue:ubs,castles,villages which may have tea & cake shops,towns with shops that may be relative to any other hobbies you have etc etc.
This will give you practice & confidence at map reading, route planning & learning what your comfortable maximum daily distance might be.
Then you will be suitably experienced to plan a multi-day tour for your honeymoon.

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Google maps has a cycle route planning option now and suggests this for Bedford to York!
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