Old bikes were lighter?

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Being heavier myself, up in that same range as @HMS_Dave , I still find that a lighter bicycle works better for me. Before I worry too much about weight, I have to think that most of my bicycles, being touring bicycles, are going to have a few pounds added before I go any great distance.


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When stripping my old 1970s 531 for painting I ended up with just the bare frame.
At the same time I had my 2000s Bianchi alloy frame that was replaced under waranty. The alloy frame may have been grams lighter, holding each, I couldn't tell the difference.


A few years back I picked an early 90s Reynolds 531 road bike with Shimano 7 speed which weighed about 10.5kg

My Halfords Carrera Vanquish with Sora 9 speed weighed about 10.5kg

My 1991 Dawes Reynolds 500 MTB weighed about 14.5kg

My 2015 BH 29er weighed about 14.5kg

So like for like i.e. entry level stuff, the wights have not changed much in 30 years.

I think if you go above entry level there is a difference.

If you compared a Reynolds 753 pro bike from the 80s with a modern Pinarello Dogma race bike there'd be quite a difference.

From what I can gather the Dogma frame is about 1kg lighter at 820g compared to about 1800g for the 753.
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