Old faithful; replace it, or renew components?


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Im in a bit of a dilema about whether to replace my 8 yr old GT Avalanche 0.0
I'm happy with it, we have done thousands of miles together but being skint the last few years has worn it out and basically apart from frame and forks it all needs replacing
Brakes wheels groupset
Now i have a bit of cash and being honest6 I cant see anything for my budget (£600) that would be a better bike.
My GT is non standard with Merlin wheels and Marzocchi comp 3 forks which are amazingly still leak free and working great.
2 main problems Ive found with looking at replacements in shops; my bike is 12.4kg (measured on lab scales) and the ones ive looked at are all heavier by kilos the second is that they all seem to be upright trail orientated rather than head down x-country which I prefer.
Any suggestions are there any bikes out there than would fit my requirements?

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A thought for you...

If yours is really worn out then you can be sure there are others similar to it and little used which aren't.

In your situation some years ago I bought a bike close in type and spec. to mine and built one bike from the two. It lasted me as long as the original at a very small cost. I couldn't possibly have afforded a bike as good at the time.


If you could buy a used 456c frame or new one in 26' you will have a long frame thats really good for xc.
plus you can fit a fork from 100mm to 150mm ,120mm is very good for most things.
Tho at 12.4kg you have a good xc bike already..

my orange crush frame with £1000 parts build is around 12.5kg and thats with 500g tyres f&r and spd pedals


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If you like it i would refurb, try the wanted section here for parts ?


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Simple answer, refurb it. If the frame and fork are good, then 180 quid on some decent wheels, either new from superstar or used hopes, a scour of bargains for brakes and drivetrain. Upgrade it to 10 speed XT or SLX , then on one for some cheap light finishing kit.
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refurb............I know all about the excitement of seeking out a new beast, sourcing it, paying, getting delivery/collection organised, and I also know about the disappointment when you realize that what you already had was better than what you've just bought. You could probably afford a new paint job and still spend less than for a new one, if you shop carefully.


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Sell it, add whatever you get to the sum you've saved. Frame doesn't seem worth the expense of new wheels, gruppo etc to my mind. Maybe give it a new lease of life as a SS?
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