Old inner tubes

One is sometimes quite useful for padding for a clamp etc but if they can't be repaired I'd just throw them away; somebody will probably be along shortly with a more imaginative suggestion ;)


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Just seems like a waste of rubber. I would have thought they could be recycled by tube companies into new ones.


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I was given a good tip on here (by 4F I think, thanks 4F), cut and use as padding under bar tape. I rolled a bit around the bar on my trekking bars and taped over them, now really very comfy.


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Can they be recycled, or just thrown away?

Kiddin aside, in the past I have used used bicycle tubes to "pad out" worn rubber bushings on cars i have had.....as a temp measure mind..eg..anti roll bar bushings etc.

Have also used old tubes cut to size to use as rim tape with no puncuture trouble.
Mine always seem to get resused for something else. Chainguards on the mountain bikes, padding under bar tape, padding on the metal hooks off which I hang my bikes, etc. Most often the only thing that gets thrown away is the valve.


Your local recycle centre (council tip as they used to be called) takes old tyres so I assume they'll take tubes too. Rubber is recycled into carpet undelay and soundproof tiles.
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