old mother hubbard



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stevenb said:
Can I pinch some of your gravy granules for tomorrow nights dinner.....:smile::tongue:
It depends what you've got to swap.

I've just checked those granules BTW, and they're more like one large shiny granule now.


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South Beds.
Eiiuueeww...I'll pass then.
Got a packet of Malted Milk biscuits I could have swapped....but not any more...:smile:


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Pete said:
Did anyone not realise that you can click on the thumbnail to get a full-size image? I only ask....
I knew that! I just couldn't make the word out at first, even when bigger.

I made myself a risotto last night, but didn't have any stock powder for the stock, so I improvised with hot water, a half teaspoon of marmite, some mixed dried herbs and a squidge of tomato purree. Worked quite well.
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