On your commute today...


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Thought I would copy another forums thread, were we can all share our experiences on our regular commutes, good or bad...

Today, coming back from Salford Quays (Miss Fluffies) to get to my morning shift. Was a very cold as the wind from the Manchester Ship Canal really gusts about. I had no incidents of muppetry, although waiting at the lights to turn towards Manchester Victoria a cyclist turns right, nothing wrong there you may think... It was the wrong way down a 1 way street.


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Last night.. sat at some lights with a rather attractive young lady and a wannabe on a bianchi with full face mask, bmx style helmet and headphones. He was trying to chat her up saying the usual 'nice bike you have there' 'do you cycle this route often?'
HAHAHA he got rejected!


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Haha i would have loved to see that! Got to love seeing people put in their place! :laugh:

Had a cold run in today but its lookin lovely now so im itching to go home! managed to get through all the traffic lights (3!) without stopping so the way back (4!!) has alot to live up to!

Also got 2 longish vague hills that the legs dont like yet but thats half the fun i guess seeing yourself improve. Less than 2 hours till i find out!


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Cold this morning , people will be scraping the cars when they get out and took this piccie on the way to work on my camera phone.

On the way home my back light fell off on a bump at the bottom of a hill, completely destroyed ;)

Today.. I set off on my merry way, sat behind the jag in the ASL but no worries at that junction, if there are only 1 or 2 cars I ignore the cycle lane and ASL anyway and tuck in behind. Made it to work incident-free and home via a mate's house up a bloody big hill thinking "I'm impressed that he cycles up this this EVERY DAY" and started to worry about being shown up on next week's MTB ride, to be told that "bugger that, I walk and push the bike up" so I felt inwardly smug about that.

Every junction today people slowed to let me out or hung back and gave me room. Not complaining of course, just wonder why a day is either so bloody brilliant with everything going well, or a nightmare with everyone out to kill?


I took a photo this morning, but my phones camera isn't that good over distance.

Lovely ride - very chilly to start with, but 20 miles through lovely, quiet countryside was great. I felt like Uncle Remus.
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