One big crime...

One big crime, would you do it?

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magnatom said:
No such thing as a crime like this where someone else doesn't get hurt.

Where as there are plenty of perfectly legal things which hurt untold amounts of people either through deliberate action or negligence and inaction.

Large companies get away with murder (literally and figuratively) all across the globe and seem immune to prosecution and censure because they have the funds to throw at legal council and procedural red tape. I'm looking at the likes of Union Carbide here.

So yeah, I'd probably do it, especially if it meant ripping off some faceless, and more importantly heartless, government or corporation.
Flying_Monkey said:
Depends what you mean by 'hurt' - theoretically speaking, if a corrupt businessman has 40 million, and I have nothing, and I steal 20 million off them, the only 'hurt' is to their bank account, and I don't have much of a moral problem with that. I would be quite happy to keep say, just 100,000 or so and distribute the rest to deserving causes.

Yes, but that corrupt businessman might have his illicit gains insured and so may claim for his losses. Then insurance costs rise, just a little for everyone else...

Anyway, if you steal 20 million from a currupt businessman, YOU might be the one getting hurt!:ohmy:xx(


Nr Cambridge
Are you the Pink Panther turned art thief who stole the paintings by Picasso, Matisse and Brach from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris? You just couldn't keep quiet about your success could you.

He's here, he's here!

ICMR :thumbsup:


Nr Cambridge
User76 said:
If you could do one crime, a big one, and be sure of getting away with, say, £20million, would you do it?

So no chance of being caught, you don't have to kill or hurt anyone (too badly:evil:) you are in the clear, would you do it?

Well Maggo did you nick the paintings? Are you now on island off the coast of South America?


Quite dreadful
lost somewhere
There is no such thing as a victim-less crime, you degenerates!

{...sanctimoniously polishes halo in public while Googling "Banking fees in British Virgin Islands...:becool:}


Ok, I have worked this one through and I reckon I have identified at least one ... so, aye give me the money
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