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they'll surely have recorded the delivery so can say where and when it was delivered?

they can't just fire it into the void and expect it to arrive

thisis bound to be in their terms and conditios type thing on their website surely? If they're a serious online retialer then they should have clear and respectable assurances, remind them of them

is it wiggle? I'm due something from them nowish, alreadt broken into two deliveries


Is there any chance postie left your parcel in the outside toilet/shed/gas meter cupboard etc...they've done this to me a couple of times before.


you'll be pleased to hear that my order to wiggle on Thursday night arrived an hour ago as promised

bib longs and long sleeve top

lets hope the overshoes still to arrive won't be needed in the meantime

giant man

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Essex innit?
User! We need to know who this is! Please name and shame


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Where the Royal Mail is concerned an item isn't lost for 14 (working) days. Under the OFT's distance selling regulations you will ultimately be covered - but perhaps not as quickly as you'd like. The sender and RM may well argue that the package is merely delayed.


Well, after reminding them several times of my rights and their responsibilities, they've refunded my money.

It'll be a very reluctant me who goes back to them again.
Some good news, then.
So that we can avoid them, can you name the company?
Does it rhyme with Jiggle?


And one which is a far more personal service where I know exactly who will respond to my email, and who will actively look out for items for me.

So which one is that?
rustychisel said:
Bonj, that quip about the postman's bike was actually funny. Well done; I take back what I said about it being congenital.

Which was?

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In fairness to the retailer sometimes parcels can go astray, fortunately the post service is actually far better than many think as this seldom happens, especially with most retailers now having a postcode checker as part of their till system to avoid errors, 'D' instead of an 'E', 'V', 'T', 'B' or 'P' in the postcode for example will result in a different address.

So much so that I can honestly say that I can count on the fingers of one hand where a parcel has not arrived in the last five years, for sure we are a LBS that offers a mail order service and not one of the mail order giants sending thousands of parcels as week, but we can easily send hundreds; so credit to the post service.

The retailer should be able to advise date of despatch and normally this should arrive in 1-3 days, so always worth asking your post person if delivery is later than that, as the retailer has told you correctly that if no one is at the delivery address to receive the parcel the post person should normally leave a note asking for the items to be collected from the local post office depot, if they forget to do the customer obviously does not know to go and collect it; the item eventually gets returned to sender (the retailer should always have a return address on parcel). This does happen quite often in as much then when a parcel goes astray more often than not this is the reason; plus the post office are not that prompt at returning parcels.

In such circumstances we would normally advise the customer the above and add a reassuring footnote that should it not turn up they will not lose out, we would either resend or refund as appropriate, I would assume that most mail order outlets would offer the same reassurances.

For sure it is unfortunate that when an order goes astray it can take 14-21 days for it to go through the post office system, we have had some that have taken even longer only for them to come back to us with a note stating that the customer never called for the parcel.

In response to "I also suggested that it is their responsibility to check this out, as the RM is acting for them, and that I am entitled to a refund under the Distance Selling Regulations"; you are of course entitled to a refund should the parcel not arrive. As for can they do anything to track the parcel although I have praised the Post Office interms of efficiency above, one area where we do have a problem is with tracking, the information available works well when the parcel has passed through the post office system without problems, but if the item has not got to the customer within say three days then normally something has gone wrong, often as a result we can not get the tracking information we need; which is just when we need it if course!

Fortunately problems like this are few and far between; most of the time customers appreciate that on the odd occasion things do not go to plan they realise that sometimes we all simply have to simply wait for it to go through the system. But I repeat at all times the retailer should give reassurances that whatever the outcome of the search for the items that the customer will not lose out, the retailer will indeed pay for any loses.

Paul Smith

I placed an order with a very well-known internet bike store. It was processed by them almost 2 weeks ago. All of the many orders I have placed with them over the years have arrived within 3 days, but usually next day.

The parcel hasn't come. I contacted them last week. They told me to check with the neighbours. I replied, saying that I had had the parcel sent to my parents, as there is always someone in. I confirmed that there had been no delivery, no attempted delivery, and certainly no card left.

They replied again, telling me to check with the sorting office that the parcel isn't there, as sometimes they don't leave a card.

I've just replied, reminding them of the facts that I have given them before, and also informing them that RM don't give out sorting office telephone numbers.

I also suggested that it is their responsibility to check this out, as the RM is acting for them, and that I am entitled to a refund under the Distance Selling Regulations.

Was I right in the last assertion?

Ironically enough, rather than waiting for them to sort this out, I reordered the item on Saturday, and it should be here tomorrow.
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